Tips from our Experts

  • Best practise – defrost your product first!
    For the perfect battered fish or chicken, ensure the product that needs to be battered is fully defrosted and well drained before you put it in the batter and fryer!

    Fresh batter for a consistent colour!

  • In order to achieve a consistent colour, it is advised that you make the batter several times a day and not 1 batch in the morning or afternoon – making a batch of batter only takes 2 minutes!
    Once the batter mix is made the mix will contain enzymes that convert starch into sugar. These sugars have an effect on the colour of the fried fish.

    Made too much batter?

  • Don’t worry if you have made too much batter as it can be used the following day, provided it has not been contaminated with fish or chicken. But keep in mind that using batter of the previous day will have a decreased result on the quality of the batter.
    Our advice: aim to make fresh batter several times a day.
  • Regeneration of pre-fried products
    For the clients that want to pre-fry fish or chicken, regeneration of pre-fried product in a Rational oven works perfectly with the Smedes batter using:
    1) Hot air oven: 3 minutes, temperature 220°C, 3 minutes
    2) Combi steamer: 3 minutes, moisture 20%, 220°C, 3 minutes
    If you use convection, then adjust the temperature to 220°C with an 80% opened oven door.

See the 60 seconds demo movie below! Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance to you.


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