Smedes Food Production offers you a range of information and surprising recipes to improve your client satisfaction.

Smedes Food Production is equipped with a professional R&D kitchen and our own Master Chef to deliver the best customer support, training and product ­innovations.

"Before you drop out and think ‘here we go this is just another baking powder’, please stay tuned for a little longer."


Chef to chef advice

  • Instead of plain water it is also possible to use sparkling water or beer
  • Smedes batter has an excellent pick-up, so no need to pre-dust fish or meat
  • We do advise to pre-dust onion rings and squid/calamari rings
  • Don’t hesitate to add some spices to your batter to create your signature batter but note: some spice burn quickly in the hot oil
  • Give this a try: pre-dust sole with Smedes batter and fry it evenly in a frying pan, turning it over from side to side
  • If you are a believer of pre-dusting, dont use expensive rice flour, simply pre-dust with our batter as base. It’s cheaper and gives the same result!