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The best tasting batter for fish & chicken!

Smedes Food Production in Spakenburg (NL) has everything for fried fish, fried chicken and fried vegetables. Batter flour, batter mix, frying oil, sauces and seasoning are part of our range. A solution for hotel, restaurant, pub, take away, deli and catering. Click here for our products.

Superior Batter Mix,  Batter Flour and Batter Flour Light

Smedes Golden Crispy Batter Mix and Superior Batter Flour / Batter Flour Light offer you a completely unique Dutch style of frying fis, chicken and vegetables. Our innovative batter mixes do not only give your product a golden crispy crust and great taste, it also rapidly closes the fried product to limit the absorption of fat, making it a healthier product!.

Our easy-to-use batter mixes are exclusively aimed at professionals in the Foodservice market and Fish & Chicken Processing Industry.

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Specialty batters: minimum effort, maximum satisfaction

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Batter Mix Gluten free: leaves no aftertaste

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Premium Quality, Tradition and Innovation

Smedes Fine Food is a family owned Dutch business with a long-standing tradition of producing innovative, premium quality batter products. With more than 48 years of experience, we are proud to be THE specialist producer of the finest, crispiest batter mixes for fish and chicken. 

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Only the best is good enough

Quality is paramount at everything we do at Smedes Fine Food, from product development, sourcing ingredients to production, logistics and quality assurance. We meet the stringent IFS International Food Standard requirements for food quality and food safety. 

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Testimonials: George Stephens, Francis Doran, Village Grill and Eviston House Hotel

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