Batter mixes for professionals in the Food Industry

Our easy-to-use batter mixes are exclusively aimed at Food Professionals In the Food Industry market, we cater for:

  • Fish Processing Industry
  • Chicken Processing Industry
  • Other Food Industry

The Golden Crispy Batter mixes are especially suited for use in the Food Processing Industry to manufacture the following:

Fish Processing Industry

  • Battered fish fillets
  • Battered Fish Cakes

Chicken Processing Industry

  • Battered chicken fillets, goujons, chunks & nuggets
  • Battered chicken burgers

Other Food Industry

  • Battered sausages
  • Battered onion Rings


The basis for the best fried fish or chicken

Smedes Golden Crispy Batter Mix is the basis for the best fried fish or chicken. Our innovative batter mix not only gives your product a golden crispy crust and great taste, the crust also closes the fried product rapidly to reduce the absorption of fat.


Smedes Golden Crispy Batter mixes:

  • Specially developed for frying fish & chicken
  • Consistent quality
  • Crispy, golden brown crust
  • Rapid closure of the crust reduces fat absorption
  • No absorption of fat due to rapid closure of the crust
  • Easy-to-use, just add the batter mix to water and stir thoroughly
  • Reduced oil usage
  • Greater client satisfaction


We produce the following batter mixes:

  • Smedes Golden Crispy Batter Mix 12.5 Kg
  • Smedes Golden Crispy Batter Mix Gluten Free 5.0 Kg


Testimonial McKeown Fine Foods

At McKeown Fine Foods we produce all our prefried battered poultry products with quality batter from Smedes Fine Food.


The Smedes Fine Food batters enable us to produce quality battered poultry products for our customers, which are tasty, nicely golden and crispy. This made it possible for us to extend our product range into quality battered poultry products next to the more common breaded fried products in the market.


We are happy with the level of support on product development to obtain the best batter for our products.



Tailormade solutions to your specific requirements

Smedes Food Production offers you a dedicated R&D team to develop tailormade solutions to your specific requirements covering:

  • Adhesion batters, tempura batters, spicy batters
  • Predust and other coatings
  • Premium quality vegetable oils
  • Cures and brines for soaking, tumbling and injecting
  • Glazes, Marinades and seasonings

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