Waste less oil through smarter frying!

Here are some tips to extend the shelf life of your frying oil

Are you an expert in frying fish or chicken? Then it is very likely that you already know many of these tips below. But there is no harm in refreshing your memory!


Always fry with a quality frying oil



Check thermostats weekly for accuracy



Ensure product is fully defrosted and well-drained before dipping in the batter – coat products evenly

Gradually heat the oil to the correct temperature


Reduce temperature when not in constant use


Keep fryer covered when not in use

Regularly top-up fryer to the correct level



Skim the surface of the oil between batches and at the end of the day in order to remove debris

Filter your oil every day. Let it stand overnight and pour the next day the upper layer back into the fryer

Clean your fryer regularly ensuring it is free of detergent residues and dry before refilling
Advice: do this every day


Safety - Wait for oil to cool down to 40⁰C before disposing of the waste oil
Tip: clean with warm oil



Do not salt your product prior to frying



Do not mix different oils together


Do not stir too much with the spatula

Do not over overheat your frying oil





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