Warren Somers - The Shack Pub, Athlone

The Smedes batter we use for our fish & chips is so unbelievably light & crispy as well as very tasty - our customers love it! A great product that is very easy to use - we definitely recommend it!

Warren Somers - The Shack Pub


David Gorey - Beachcove Café, Waterville

We have been working with the Smedes batter for the last few months and are delighted with the results. Our fried fish is lighter and crispier and we also have less oil changing to do! This is definitely a product that we will keep using - highly recommended.

David Gorey - Beachcove Cafe


Hugh O'Donnell – Village Grill, Tipperary

Initially I was very cautious changing our batter, as it affects several different menu items. But I am also interested in trying new products if it means an enhanced experience for our customers..... and I was not disappointed with Smedes BatterFlour.

I love this product, it's flavour and taste, the crispyness, the colour. I would highly recommend it. We have tried many different batter flours and mix's over the years and your product is by far the best. 

I hope this helps, and I will and have been recommending your product to friends in the trade.

Hugh O'Donnell – Village Grill

Conor Doherty - Eviston House Hotel, Killarney

Love this Smedes batter, perfect crispiness & colour, so very easy to use and it contains no dairy or egg - a super product, definitely recommended!

Conor Doherty - Head Chef
Eviston House Hotel, Killarney


George Stephens – The Fish Market, Mullingar

What I love about the Smedes Batter Mix is the ease of use and consistency of the product. Combine this with a really great taste and you have a winner. It is far more time and cost-effective than creating batter ourselves, just one bag is all we need and any member of my staff can make it.

The taste is superb due to the fact that the batter seals the product immediately, so it does not soak up any oil. And no flour required before adding the batter – it goes straight into the fryer!

To sum it up: consistent, easy-to-use, cost-effective and very, very tasty!

George Stephens – The Fish Market
Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Fishmonger of the Year


Francis Doran – Bakers Takeaway, Carlingford

We would like to recommend the great new batter products from Smedes. The batter is very easy to use and our customer see and taste the difference. The batter leaves out fried products with an excellent crispy golden crust and has a reduced fat absorption which means that it not only tastes better but we use less oil making it great value for your money!

This is an outstanding product for fish but also works great on our homemade onions rings and sausages.

Francis Doran – Bakers Takeaway
Old Quay Lane
Carlingford, Co. Louth

Latest News

Irish fish mongers learn tricks of the Dutch fish frying trade during visit to The Netherlands

A delegation of Irish fish mongers recently visited The Netherlands to experience first-hand the exceptional quality of the Smedes batter products and enjoyed the company and guidance of experienced Dutch fish frying experts. The working visit consisted of a visit to the dedicated high-tech cooking studio at Smedes Fine Foods as well as frying fish on-site at one of the busiest and best fish mongers in The Netherlands.

The Dutch "Cook-to-Eat" approach combined with the Smedes Batter Mix delivers the best possible taste experience. After their return to Ireland the Irish fish mongers put in practice the on-demand frying of their fish in the Smedes Batter Mix and received great feedback from their clients – and improved sales!

The concept of a better taste experience gives greater client satisfaction and loyalty.

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